What’s in a message?

Do you know who you’re speaking to?

Imagine, you’ve finally carved out time in your diary to create content for your audience. You want to write an incredible email to send out to everybody on your mailing list and you want to fill it with VALUE. Only, you’re not quite sure where to start because you don’t know a single thing about your audience or what they expect from you.

This is what we call a problem.

In era of social media and digital marketing, it is easy to create content that is reactive to latest trends, competitors and, in some cases, how you’re feeling on the day, but this should not be considered a long-term strategy.

While it pays to respond to what has the attention of mainstream media, it is equally important to create a strategy that guides the communication of your business. And to do that, it makes sense to be clear on who you are communicating to.

It’s not uncommon for new business owners to insist that ‘everyone’ is their audience, little realising that such a broad range will limit their marketing opportunities.

It’s in your best interests to identify your target audience and get to know their needs and habits. For example, if you were an author of children’s books, you wouldn’t market the books to children because they are unlikely to buy them. It would make sense to market the books to parents, with the angle that the books are a perfect bedtime read.

Using digital marketing to convey your message is an advantage we didn’t have twenty years ago, and it’s an opportunity we urge you to take seriously. Because, how can you give VALUE when you’re not clear on what your audience considers to be valuable?

  • Need guidance on creating messages that will connect with your audience?
  • Desire a working communication strategy that will meet the needs of your business?
  • Want to cause a ripple in the online world with your messaging?

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