Using Social Media for Business

If you’re reading this, congratulations!

You are a forward-thinker and are open to learning more about telling the world about your business.

Social Media is a tool, a free resource which instantly creates opportunities for businesses to interact with audiences from all over the world. It’s an incredible place to build an audience, to build rapor with your peers and network, which often leads to collaborations and partnerships that wouldn’t have happened without it.

Currently, the main social media networks are free to sign-up to and do not require your business to be of bricks and mortar status. All you need is an email, a password and optimism.

For the millenials who grew up in the era of mobile phones and social media, the digital world is a place full of adventure and possibilities. For those who were born into a world without Channel 5, the digital world can seem scary and unneccessary.

Where word-of-mouth and paid advertisements on radio or in the paper were once the main form of marketing, businesses now compete with the neverending sea of competitiors swimming across the world wide web, looking to hook the attention of a customer. It really is a missed opportunity if you’re not already signed up.

Of course, we mustn’t take for granted the benefits that come with tried and tested ways of pre-digital marketing, and they will forever serve a purpose. Attending networking events and conferences are great opportunities to build contacts and a potential client base, because a human interaction is always memorable. But instead of swapping business cards or writing email addresses in your paper diary, you can connect with business interests online through social media and get a sense of what they represent.

  • Are you on Instagram? If your target audience is aged between 25 and 34, you absolutely should be.
  • Are you on Facebbook? If your target audience is aged over 34, then you absolutely should have a Facebook page.
  • Don’t know how to get savvy on social media?
  • Feel overwhelmed by all the options available?

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