About Writing & Wellness

"We asked Annika to deliver a journaling workshop - Self Care: The Write Way - as part of our Well-being SZN. With so much happening in the world of late, it felt like something that was necessary to encourage our community to use self care tools that can be embedded into day to day life. Having known Annika for a long time, it was an obvious decision to ask her to be involved. Annika, as always, was a pleasure to work with. She naturally brings so much warmth and relaxation to the work that she does and this enabled attendees to engage and feel at ease during the online session. We had great feedback from this session and the MAIA team were also able to enjoy and learn a few tips too! We have always been a supporter of Annika's work and look forward to working with her again in the future."
"Annika Spalding delivered a workshop on branding and using your voice creatively as part of an intensive online entrepreneurship course for our community. Her interactive workshop engaged our aspiring entrepreneurs and challenged them to get out of their comfort zone to reach their maximum potential. We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop!"

About Creative 1:1 Mentoring

"My sessions with Annika were a delightful experience! She is an extremely warm, friendly and passionate individual who tailored and planned each session to what I wanted to focus on as a social media volunteer for a domestic violence charity. We bounced off each other and were able to identify strategies to meet the goals I set for myself every week coming into these sessions. Even though our sessions are over, her influence still remains in the content I produce, I am always using her resources as guidance when creating content for our social media accounts. In fact, we have seen incredible growth and increased engagement with our posts since incorporating her golden nuggets of knowledge! 10/10. I honestly cannot recommend her enough, she's brilliant. Thank you, Annika."
I’m Kelisha Thomas, aged 27 from Birmingham. It took me just over 6 months of procrastinating to finally plunge up the courage to message Annika about booking 1:1 sessions. After blogging my first brand @ChynaSpeaks for 2 years I knew I was ready to take it to the next level and seeing how amazing Annika’s work was on Instagram I knew she would give me the boost I needed! The process for me was a rocky one due to a lot of personal issue that 2020 threw at me, so there were quite a few setbacks, never the less Annika supported and gave me the time I needed which I couldn’t thank her more for. The impact of the sessions have allowed me to gain confidence, speak and write my truth and take @Chynaspeaks to the next chapter @tomyfuturedaughter. I have been able to allow myself to stand in what I believe in and to not be afraid and most importantly not allow my past to define who I am now. I have blossomed and taken charge in what I stand for and the feedback from Annika through my journey has been very useful and I would definitely recommend her to others.
My name is Octavia Beckford and I am an Empress, Mother of three, A Queen (within my own right, nobody can’t tell me anything different lol) a graduate and a lover of reading. I embody a heart full of both amazing and heart-breaking experiences. However, throughout this journey called life, my dreams and aspirations have always continued to drive me and inspire me to go above and beyond, no matter what challenges or obstacles come my way! I have accessed the creative mentoring service, from the very beginning. Self-development is important to me and with Annika's holistic approach, she listened greatly and was able to see pass my own perspective and provide excellent task-centred advice. As I reflect on my growth throughout my sessions over the years with Annika, I believe that I have implemented a lot of the practical strategies to both my personal and business life. I have found the process to be very enjoyable, person-centred, therapeutic and also beneficial to my self-development. When I take part in the sessions with Annika she is able to bring the best out of me and at the end of every session I am left smiling ear to ear, armed with my notes of action rearing to go!
Octavia Beckford