Natasha K Benjamin,   
Inspirational Woman of the Year 2019

The founder of ORSUM, Annika, is a creative electric circuit board, which essentially means she has ideas upon ideas.

When I was campaigning to win the Inspirational Woman of the Year Award, Annika was a major part of it, creating visuals, writing captivating social media posts for each day of the campaign, whilst also coming up with ideas. Not only does she have ideas, but she will and can help you execute them.

I remember being so overwhelmed with everything at the time but Annika took the weight off my shoulders, creating an email campaign, special media posts and campaign and canvassing ideas for me. I used to work in Marketing and PR before I had my career change and know how hard it is to be creative and now it’s no longer my role it’s even harder, but Annika makes it look easy!
And do you know what? I won the award
The results for Annika’s work speaks for itself. She’s a trailblazer who I would recommend in a heartbeat!

The team at Orsum were quite awesome whilst running my social media.

They were patient, reliable and were great with engaging with my online customers which created traffic to both my Instagram page and website.

At the end of each week, they would send me a progress tracker via email to see how engagement of their services was helping my business and what areas I needed to improve in to make the best of my online presence. Their services were valuable and they have set me up to be on the right track with my customers.

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Having ORSUM manage and create content for my social media channel was a great help.

It gave me the head space to think about other things and actually inspired me to post!

The content created fitted my brand, was consistent, clear and pretty, changes requested were also taken on board and changed quickly.

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I worked with Orsum on helping me grow my Social Media following, specifically on Instagram.

The experience of working with Orsum was great. They helped me understand how to grow my audience and put together a plan for the future to grow my business.

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