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Dear Inner Child

Perhaps the idea of connecting with your Inner Child intrigues you, or maybe you’re a little wary of doing such a thing.

We often deliver this activity in our writing and wellness workshops, and always to a great response. It is important to connect with your inner child, so that you feel in more control of your emotions. To understand what has rattled you, is to know the steps you need to take to help yourself.

This activity is safe to do alone in your own home. Remember, we are barely looking into the past, we aren’t staying there.

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What does your Inner Child need?

This activity is from What’s Your Story? by Annika Spalding:

Now, you’ve paid attention to your past. You’ve listed the events and had time to think about the impact it had on you. But instead of feeling ashamed, you’re ready to summarise your story and finally get the healing you need.

Entertain this: Imagine your inner child is sat on a chair opposite you because you’ve invited them over.

Think about: What do they look like? What are they wearing? How are they sitting? How old are they? What do they need right now?

Write: On a plain piece of paper, write a letter of love and encouragement to your Inner Child. Soothe them. Comfort them. Assure them that everything will be okay. Tell them why they can trust you to keep them safe.

Bonus points: Stand in front of a mirror and read it out loud to yourself.

Extra bonus points: First, record yourself reading it out loud. Then, play it back to yourself because you need to hear those words.

Remember: You are the adult.

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