Who We Are

ORSUM was founded by Annika Spalding in 2019.

An award-winning author and social media enthusiast, Annika brought together her experience of building a brand and knowledge of corporate communications to create ORSUM. 

ORSUM plans to grow the team to a size that will match the ambitions of the founder.

Find out more about Annika here.

What We Do

We are Brand and Business Communication Specialists.

We support you to communicate your key messages to stakeholders and audiences through training, social media management and content creation.

We take care of your communications so that you can focus on building a legacy.

Sounds awesome, right?

Our Values

  1. Creativity – We think outside of the box in our approach to planning, creating and delivering content that communicates your brand/business.
  2. Integrity – We believe that the strongest partnerships are built on trust and we ensure that by being transparent from the very beginning.
  3. Compassion – We’re not here to judge, we’re here to create engagement opportunities which show we understand.
  4. Community – We’re keen to create opportunities for communities to grow, and we are open-minded about how we can contribute to that process.


‘Orsum’ is the Latin word for… words.

It was intentionally chosen to represent a brand that represents communication.

Phonetically, it also sounds a lot like “awesome” and that is the exact
experience you’ll have when working with us.