We create spaces for connection.

We create spaces for evolving women through mentorship, workshops and community.

We believe everybody holds magic inside, they just need to know where to find it and how to draw it out.

Here's how we find your magic...

Creative 1:1 Sessions

Talk through your ideas and challenges, come out with a clear plan of action and direction

Writing & Wellness

Experience creative expression in safe spaces with a bespoke workshop created for and delivered to your team.

She Creates Community

A safe space for women who are in a state of becoming; you don't have to be alone while you grow and evolve.

Here's what our clients say...

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black and white photos of toddlers
Annika Spalding

Dear Inner Child

Perhaps the idea of connecting with your Inner Child intrigues you, or maybe you’re a little wary of doing such a thing. We often deliver

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Annika Spalding

Writing about trauma

Experiencing a stressful, distressing, or frightening event is trauma, and it can have a devastating effect on the individual at the brunt of it. People

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